2020 January Pro Classic by   Pipsticks

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Did you miss out on the January 2020 Pro Classic Subscription Pack? Or you just loved it so much you want to share - or keep another one for yourself? We've got you covered! Each pack includes:
  • 15 sheets of stickers
    • Dear Diary
    • Self Love Club
    • My Love Language
    • Happy Rainbows
    • Granny Panties
    • Love Potions
    • Folk Flowers
    • Love Chat
    • Heart & Crafts
    • Blooming Bouquet
    • Take Me Out
    • Wild Hearts
    • Friendship Bracelets
    • Love Love Love
    • Sun Vinyl or Moon Vinyl or Smiling Rainbow Vinyl*
  • 1 paper goodie
  • 1 copy of Pippy (The Sticker Club Zine)
  • Super Fun Reusable Packaging
*The January pack includes 1 sticker swap sheet, so you can trade with fellow sticker lovers! Your pack will include one of the stickers from the sticker swap line item. See pictures for more details!

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