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Rainbow Traveling Sticker Mail Pack (6ct)


Start your own Secret Sticker Society with the Rainbow Traveling Sticker Mail Pack. Each card has space to meet new society members, create a poll and make a collaborative sticker bomb with your new friends! Here's how it works:

  • Choose a Sticker Theme, add the Poll question, start the Collaborative Sticker Bomb! Don't forget to fill in you address (to make sure the completed card is returned to you!)
  • To start the chain, seal the Secret Sticker Society card in the fun envelope provided and send to a friend
  • The recipient adds stickers in the next free circle on the Sticker Snail Mail according to the theme, answers the Poll question and adds stickers to the Collaborative Sticker Bomb
  • Once finished, they take one of the decorated Collector's Cards to keep and sends the card to someone new
  • Once the last circle has been completed, send it back to the address of the person who started the chain

Includes six tri-fold traveling mail cards & six fun envelopes with holographic foil.

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